Here is a list of commonly asked questions:

Our online learning tool is where students can learn at their own pace using video, audio, visual animations and guided learning. Attached to each lesson are worksheets to assist in learning, and all lessons follow the ACARA guidelines.

Study Space runs natively in your browser, meaning there are no device requirements or need to download an application. You can access our service from any device, at any time (as long as it has a connection to the internet)

Support and Troubleshooting

If you forget your password or have trouble logging in, you can use the "forgot password" link on the login page to request a link to reset your password.

If you need technical support or assistance in using the Study Space platform, there is a support button in the top right corner of the app which you can use to start a support request. Alternatively, you can send an email to support@studyspace.com.au, and a ticket will be automatically generated with our support team.

Managing Classes and Assigning Topics

Using the add class button will allow you to add a new class and start organising lessons for them. On prompt, a form will appear that will ask you to input the name of the class, year group and list the student's full names with commas separating them.

On your teacher dashboard, you will see links to print passwords, which allows you to print all the student's accounts to distribute to them. You are also advised to print out the Study Space "send letter home" document to give parents information about the platform their child will be using.

When managing an active class through Assign Lessons or Manage your Class links, you will see available topics with content already organised for the year group. Premade topics will assist immensely when starting fresh on our platform. You can edit them by clicking the "View/Edit Lessons" button and choose which lessons you want to use for the next assigned lesson batch!

Creating custom topics will be the best way to distribute weekly lessons and set up an effective learning path with the Study Space tool. Once you click add new custom topic, you are presented with a screen where you can search all course lessons from our database to add to the custom task. Once you have chosen the lessons, you can save the custom task and send it to the student's accounts!

In each topic you will find lessons, a lesson consists of a video lesson taught by an accredited teacher and corresponding resources. When distributed to a student, this will also give them access to digital note-taking tool and worksheets that come attached to each lesson.

Unassigning a task requires you to go to the Task Reporting page where you can see a breakdown of every task you have assigned to the students. Here you will also be given a snapshot, detailing how much of the assigned task each student has finished. When you're happy with the progress or ready to assign a new task for a student, click the "mark as complete" button on the top of the menu to complete the task and take the videos off the student's dashboards. Alternatively, you can complete the task for individual students if you would prefer that instead.


Teacher accounts that are linked to a school are paid by the school. For a teacher using a separate teacher account for access to the complete lesson library, you will be paying with Stripe using a credit or debit card.

No, we do not have any other additional costs.

Your Subscription is yearly and will end at the annual renewal date. If you don't request to renew the Subscription, it will be cancelled.


To add a teacher, you must click the "add a teacher" button on the School Admin dashboard. You will be prompted to fill a form that asks for teacher name and teacher email address. The teacher will be sent their login details for their teacher's dashboard.

To disable a teacher's account, you must select the teacher from the teacher list and then click the Active/Inactive button.


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